Anti mosquitos !

Bye bye Mosquitos !

Hi ! you can find here the ultrasounds that are used in most electronics devices against mosquitoes. so just push "play" on the players and u'll be protected as long as u let the page of your web browser open. These ultrasounds are not audible for humans so you won't be disturbed in any cases. Try each frequencies to find the one that works the best in your area and depending on mosquitoes too !

  • Frequency 1 : 21 KiloHertz

  • Frequency 2 : 22 KiloHertz

  • Frequency 3 : 23 KiloHertz

Questions and answers :

Q.: Mosquitoes don`t have ears, how do they hear sounds?? A.: Insects don`t have ears, but on feelers, that are the mosquitoes aural organs, there are about 15.000 sensorial receptors, structured so to create an "active ear" in which natural vibrations are generated so to amplify the incoming sounds. [Source: Le Scienze on-line]
Q.: Are you telling me that the iPhone loudspeaker or my computer loudspeaker can play ultrasounds? A.: Actually the frequency used in this "anti Mosquitoes" is slightly under the ultrasounds threshold frequency. But it`s very close to the limit that can be heard by the human ear (20 kHz), so for the sake of simplicity we called it "ultrasound", because a lot of people can`t hear it.